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I Love Salt 30ML Strawberry Guava(25/50mg)

I Love Salt 30ML Strawberry Guava(25/50mg)

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I Love Salts E Liquid makes vape juices that are produced with salt nicotine to make some of the most delicious flavors imaginable that not only deliver on taste but with that nicotine that you crave at the same time. With more impact per inhale, using blends that are made with salt nicotine is the way to go if you are trying to kick the habit.

I Love Salts Strawberry Guava nicotine vape juice allows you to escape, even if it’s just for a moment, to your own tropical vape paradise. It will transport you to an island filled with outrageously juicy kiwis, dazzlingly sweet strawberries and exotic guavas, all joining forces to soothe you with intense fruity splendor.

Wanna try more flavours? Choose your favourite I Love Salt India from our collection. Else, shop from our nicotine e-liquids collection with more than +150 salts option.

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