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Iqos Iluma 4.0 device

Iqos Iluma 4.0 device

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IQOS ILUMA line is the so-called Iqos 4.0 - the fourth generation of the most popular heat-not-burn devices in the world, that entered the market in 2021-2022.

The latest 2021 model, IQOS Iluma, takes the appeal of heat-not-burn tobacco to a new level with the new technology Smart Core Induction System™, maintaining the original IQOS technology that heats tobacco leaves directly from the inside.

With a new structure without blades, there is no need to worry about blade damage, and there is no need for troublesome cleaning after use.

IQOS Iluma has familiar design, which can be said to be a standard model of IQOS, but has been evolved. We have achieved a simple feel that fits comfortably in your lifestyle.

Device can be used two times continuously. It also has an auto start function that automatically starts heating.

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