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About this product

  • Choicest saffron and its impressive health benefits
  • The rejuvenating properties of handpicked cardamom seeds
  • The high grade edible silver leaves
  • Fantastic flavour that refreshes mind and soul
  • Traditional mouth freshener in a modern avatar.
  • material_features:silver coated elaichi
  • ingredients:ingredients: cardamom seeds, spices (clove powder and cinnamon powder), gum arabic, silver leaf, saffron, non caloric sweeteners (ins no. 954, ins no. 955, ins no. 961), natural flavours and natural flavouring substances, nature identical flavouring substances, artificial flavouring substances (spice and mint). mandatory info: (i) rajnigandha silver pearls contains admixture of sodium saccharin (ins no.954), sucralose (ins no. 955) and neotame (ins no. 961). (ii) not recommended for children. contains non caloric sweeteners.
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