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About this item

  • RAW Black is a Basic Mixing Rolling Tray has polished gold tone and a big RAW logo, and all the promises made by RAW are displayed over it. The basic RAW Black tray is for RAW lovers who prefer storing all their smoking accessories in one place.
  • OutonTrip deals into only original Rolling paper, Tips/Roaches and genuine high quality smoking accessories.
  • The metal used to make the Raw Metal Tray is from high-quality premium material, which has then had all four corners rounded off, em-blazed with the Raw logo’s and finished off with crisscrosses as you would find on Raw’s rolling papers.
  • The tray is smooth to the touch and can be easily wiped down with a cloth if required, is surprisingly durable and is 100% not flexible. If you are looking for a small tray, easy to store and to keep your smoking supplies in one spot this is it.
  • The tray will easily accommodate your rolling papers, filters, and tobacco and being small will fit into any drawer or cupboard, keeping all your smoking accessories in one place and if needed out of sight!
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